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Since 2008 thousands of aquarists around the world have come to rely on TRITON to protect their reef keeping investment. TRITON takes the mystery out of understanding water quality and brings successful reef keeping within the reach of everyone. TRITON products and services bring 5 key benefits to the modern aquarist.

Simplicity: TRITON products are simple to use and understand. Likewise the TRITON Method of reef keeping is a simple, and very successful, holistic recipe that anyone can follow. Aquarists love it because it assumes no formal knowledge of chemistry. We call it: Peace of mind with ease of use!

Control: Take trial and error out of reef keeping and replace it with easy-to-follow, logical approach that puts the aquarist back in control of their system with three simple steps: (1) Test your seawater, (2) Know what’s in it, and, (3) Act to fix it. Put simply: TRITON LAB does the science for you and provides the knowledge you need to make sound decisions. It’s an elegant reef keeping solution that lets you spend more time enjoying the things you love.

Innovation: at TRITON we pride ourselves on innovation, quality and ease-of-use. Qualities that flow to our customers through our products and services. TRITON's groundbreaking innovations have been making reef keeping a pleasure, not a chore, since 2008.

Research: TRITON is widely acknowledged as the inventor of modern reef keeping… but our sights are set on the future! Through ongoing research in both the field and the lab TRITON is committed to continual improvement that will empower our customers explore the limits of modern reef keeping.

Sustainability: the TRITON method advocates replacing trial and error with conscious control. That means smarter reef keeping and at TRITON we believe smarter reef keeping is also more sustainable reef keeping. Join us, our partners, and our community, as we strive to be better reef keepers minimising our footprint on the natural environment and building knowledge along the way.